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Love these! Who needs an Olitz photoshoot when we have great artists?

“Poor little rich girl… What was it, he worked late? She missed your dance recitals? They throw you in reform school? Rehab? They tried to buy your love instead of earning it?

Whatever they told you in therapy, whatever sad cliché you’re still holding on to after all these years, it doesn’t matter. No one feels sorry for you… not anymore.

You’re being offered a fresh start. A clean slate. A do-over. That doesn’t happen. No one gets that. Ever. And if you don’t take it, you’re not just spoiled and selfish, you’re stupid

Olivia Pope, Scandal (via allegrezza)

I remember at the time when me, spectaclesinscript and Schuyler talked about this speech being a huge clue to Olivia’s background. We thought she might have been brattish, grew up upper middle class, but that she was definitely hurt by someone in her family. Ha, the things that turn out to be true. 

I guess she took that do-over. It’s what her father did for her after her mother died, though he did emotionally abandon her in the process.

Maybel chose herself over family. Olivia chose herself over everything and everyone (I don’t see Jake’s presence as her choosing him in anyway. He’s a travel companion). Hmmm, can’t wait to see how this plays out.  

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The number of stuff that we’ve talked about that later come to fruition on on this show are many. The dropped breadcrumbs and what not. If we were getting paid for this shit, Schuy could afford 3 assistants, you’d easy pay for that PhD, and I’d quit my day job as a mad scientist.

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Reblogging because I love intelligent discussions of Scandal. You ladies do a great job in analyzing what’s happening! Keep up the great work!

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These are gorgeous! Love your edits here Monique!

eaudrey35 said: I feel like Shonda has ruined so many of Olivia core relationship to make Jake a key person n Liv life. Olivia and Huck ruin. Cy and Olivia none existent. OPA basically destroyed. So this abuser Joke can b her person . What do u think?


Hey, lady!

It’s interesting that you see it that way. It’s no secret that I harbor a lot of resentment for Jake. I think his insinuation into Olivia’s life is contrived in every way imaginable, and it does impact that narrative in ways I’m not fond of. I don’t know that shoe-horning him into the story has directly caused Olivia’s other relationships to be ruined, though, as you say. I’m going to throw the question back at you. How is Olivia’s relationship with Huck ruined? Cyrus and Olivia? I need to know your definition of ‘ruined’ because I don’t think we’re on the same page.

The impact of Olivia’s relationship with Cyrus had more to do with Rowan than anyone else. For me it was Rowan, as puppet master, whose influence loomed too large in the narrative last season (hell, even season 2B). Yet still, I don’t think the Cylivia relationship is in tatters. In fact, they probably got along the best they ever did in the 3rd season! 

Katrina, I agree with your answer here! I don’t think Jake ruined any of those relationships.Rowan the puppet master did some damage, but even what he did really was not real cause of what happened with Huck or Cy. Huck & Liv’s relationship really fractured because of what he did to Quinn. Olivia does not support his torturing Quinn.

Cy & Liv end up on opposite sides when there is a problem between Fitz & Liv that could affect the White House. Liv representing Jenine Locke & inquiring about Operation Remington are two of those instances. Once things are resolved between Fitz & Liv, the band is back together and Cy is happy to embrace his friendship with Liv again.

IMO neither Cyrus nor Huck was truly “Olivia’s person”. No place is this more evident than in ep 301 when Liv needed help to make the Scandal of her affair with Fitz go away, she did not rely on either of them and chose to resolve things on her own. Of course things turned out differently only because Harrison led the charge with the other gladiators to get the situation fixed despite the fact Liv originally refused his help.

Even though Jake has been a comfort  to Liv & helps in keeping her secrets, I don’t think he is her “person” either. IMO Olivia does not have a “person”. Maybe season 4 will change this.












Tony Goldwyn + Sofa Selfies


Gaaawwwwddddd 😩🙏👏

Tony Sofa Selfies—delish!

The scruffy one—third from bottom—YUMMY…

His selfie game is on point!

Oh Tony, you precious prince!

He’s so damn sexy..

And loving sitting in that room lately…

I love the one where he’s in the nursery, for reasons…





Selfie.. on chair he bought a few weeks ago at an interesting discount retailer.

Omg he’s soooooo fine 😨😨😨😨😨



Why is he always pointing at me?


Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn take the ALS ice bucket challenge.

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